The concept of screen recording is quite self-explanatory and is basically a process to capture the video recording from the screen. But unfortunately, people are still unaware of how to make the best use of the screen recorder in Windows. Even the people who have the complete idea about this amazing feature seldom fail to appreciate the potential to the fullest.

As the matter of fact, the screen recorder in Windows allows you to record anything that you are doing on your screen, even the videos you are watching, and create a new video file of it- there are many ways in which you can actually make use of the tool.

Creating how-to guides of almost anything

For the most part how-to guides and demonstrations is the thing that a great many people related screen recording with, and it is the way wherein it is most generally utilized. Since it can record film of software and applications, it is ideal for the task – and for sure can likewise be utilized for explaining the other digital tools. The experts demonstrating the guide would simply initiate the video recording while they step by step access any tool and can publish that recording to help others to have the right knowledge about the usage and functionalities of any tool or software.

Amazing way to save online streaming videos

One of the lesser-known yet one of the most amazing ways of using the screen recorder in Windows is to save online streaming videos. Basically the feature of screen recording will give you a chance to record any online streaming video straightforwardly from your screen – irrespective of whether it is on social media, video sharing platforms, some random websites, or even applications. Most of the online streaming videos don’t allow the users to directly download the video to the system; it just has the feature of download to save it in cloud so that it could be watched later. Contrasted with different strategies for saving online streaming videos, screen recording is the most all inclusive as it has no confinements as far as the videos that it can save.

Recording video calls and conferences

Another helpful method to utilize screen recording is to record and save video calls or conferences. Unlike the different techniques for communication, for example, email or texting, video calling platforms do not particularly have any strategy through which the complete conversation can be saved. Calls can be recorded and text messages can be saved through screenshots, but for video recording, there are hardly any ways. But now with the screen recorder in Windows, it is possible. Screen recording can help in bridge the gap, and it is especially valuable for significant video calls or even some business meetings and group discussions directed as video conferences.

Requesting technical support for reporting any bugs

In the event that you've at any point experienced issues reporting a bug or depicting the issue while you were communicating with the technical support then the feature of screen recorder in Windows can make it simpler for you. Rather than lurching over yourself attempting to paint an image with words, you can utilize it to record a video of the bug or issue that you're confronting. Just imagine, demonstrating the complete view of the problem you face by recording it in a form of video. No wonder, it definitely eliminated the pain of explaining each and everything in words in form of text messages or even on a call. Seeing the visual demonstration of the problem you are facing, it will be easier for the support to understand what’s wrong, and also it decreases the pain at your part too, regarding explaining each and everything. While this is unquestionably a standout amongst the least famous manners by which screen recording is utilized, it tends to be useful now and again.

Screen recording making learning easier

Have you ever checked some tutorials videos on YouTube? The one explaining the topic usually shows us performing everything on his computer screen. But that doesn’t mean he is particularly performing it live for you. It is the ease offered by the screen recorder in Windows that allows anyone to save the video of anything, which can be effectively used in making learning easier for everyone.

To acquire any of the benefits of the screen recorder in Windows that we have mentioned above, we firstly need to have a reliable tool for screen recording. Video Detailer can be your tool to count on that and allows you to record whatever that is going on the screen of your desktop. From recording some important work to explain it to some friend or to save your video call with any near or dear ones, Video Detailer can help you capture the recording of your screen to save anything that you want.