Where do watch the video?? Four out of six social channels are used to watch global consumer videos.

And it's not as if people's favorite things are shrinking: but Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook's vice president, predicts that their online content will likely be in the video by 2021. Besides, 82 percent of Internet traffic by 2021 will be from video by technology group Cisco Report.

What can all this mean? Video marketing is an integral part of the business strategy for businesses and they have ventured out of risk.

So, let’s start with "the Video Marketing Power"

In marketing, video editing helps you when people want to hear from you.

A brand uses video on social media to familiarize their customers with products. The consumer always wants to understand the features of the products, so through more videos, you can expect to sell more.

As stated by Facebook Engineering Srinivasa Narayanan, "If a picture is an interpretation of a thousand words, then the video is a well-organized library."

As stated by Shitrit Nissim, VP of Communications Hilah: "Every day 44 percent of people watch at least five videos online, so social video represents a valuable opportunity for all businesses."

Now, if we talk about television commercials!!

Just think, we see more and more advertisements on TV every day, are they not being circulated to the public through the media.

People may hate those advertisements but they are getting exposed to new commercials every day.

Now tell whether it would be appropriate to call it video marketing.

Video content can increase your retention rate by 35 percent to target your audience. Since 71 percent of consumers consider sponsored video to be highly relevant, it is very important to set payment to ensure that your video is viewed by the right eyeballs.

"Relevance is a king"

Let's go a little deeper because video marketing is not just for entertainment or attention-grabbing, it is a very effective tool you can use to create a brand promotion for your consumers.

What's more, if you mention the word "video" in an email subject line, your rate can increase by 19 percent.

The power of Video Marketing does not stop here.

90 percent of consumers believe that video is also very helpful in their decision, while 64 percent said they are more likely to buy the goods after watching the video.

In other words, video marketing is the best tool for brand awareness. Because it is easier to target the customer by video.

Meaning, video is a powerful and attractive medium for businesses in every way. Therefore, download better video making software for your videos so that you can promote your business through videos. You can do the software for yourself from our website Video Detailer.