Realize your concept with the 4 Rs

Creating a video is a four step process

  1. Reflect

    Consider your project, its purpose and how you want it to appear.

  2. Record

    Collect all the parts of your production in Video Detailer.

  3. Revise

    Organize, edit and adjust your video parts into a cohesive production.

  4. Release

    Export your video for distribution and use.

Minimalist, user-friendly interface.

User interface is straightforward. Easily find the tools you need. No complicated or useless features.

Only the tools and effects you need.

You don't need the excessive features of a complex video editor. Back to simplicity - to create screencasts you only need a handful of core features.

Powerful recorder

Record any part of your screen, snap to any active window, record your microphone and webcam.

I've used many image and video editing tools and Video Detailer is by far the most elegant and well-designed product on the market.

Richard L.
Editor & Writing Coach with 25 Years Publishing Experience

Take a look inside the box

Powerful applications do not have to be complicated. Video Detailer is the perfect combination of excellent design and ease of use. Allowing users to create fantastic productions with minimal effort and time.

Watch this short video to see how you can begin creating productions in a few quick clicks.

How can a screen recorder help you?

Video is the most important and effective means of conveying a cohesive message. It is a powerful teaching tool, popular entertainment and a flexible vehicle for presenting ideas.

Create Training videos
Create Training Videos

Simplify learning complex tasks with how-to visual aids.

Create Marketing demos
Create Marketing Demos

Advertise products and services with engaging, active sales pitches.

Create Educational content
Create Educational Content

Involve students using digital presentations.

Create Social Media Content
Create Social Media Content

Share ideas and productions of any sort through social media outlets.


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