Plan Your Movie

Creating a video is a four step process that you can learn as quickly as reading the four steps below:

  1. Reflect
  2. Record
  3. Revise
  4. Release

Reflection is your initial creative process. First you have to have a project you want to embrace and then set out to plan it. You may not have to formally script it and just go with your muse, but chances are you'll have ideas while thinking about projects even when not working on them. It may be good to collect your thoughts and take some notes so you are ready when you sit down to create. The creative process will probably inspire you along the way to add to your concept further. The program will help you achieve what you want while recording and revising.

Recording is collecting what you need to create your vision. The program excels in helping you create directly using video screen-captures, screen shots, voice-overs, text-to-speech, pre-loaded graphics, text, effects and much more. But you can easily import pictures, illustrations, sound and video recordings — anything you can digitize.

Revising is where your creativity and personality can shine. There are virtually an infinite number of options — ways to keep a presentation fun, energetic, professional or serious. You will need to order what you have collected on the timeline, decide duration, sizing, transitions, motion, effects, new components and more. The simplicity of manipulations in the timeline will become apparent as parts of the creation both magically seem to snap in place and read your mind.

Release constitutes both saving and exporting the completed video. Saving in the native format allows editing later to make adjustments. It is also possible to export the entire project to a TDV-ZIP to share with other people on your creative team for collaborative efforts. But release is really exporting the finished product to a usable file format to deliver to your intended audience. You'll just need to know how and where you'll want to present the video and in a few clicks it will compile into a format of your choice for distribution.