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What is VideoDetailer and what can it do for you?

Video is probably the most compelling means of communication. If you can harness the power of video to express your knowledge and creativity, you can achieve many things.

VideoDetailer is an elegant, easy-to-use tool for making video screencasts for those who don't want complexity. It works as well for the beginner as the professional and there is no programming involved. Your experience with the program will be almost entirely point-and-click using easy, intuitive tools.

You can produce every thing you can dream up. If you've seen a video presentation on TV, in a classroom, at a business meeting —any and all of what you have seen can be accomplished. You can create videos for instructional support and training, product demos and marketing tools, and get more attention in social media.

VideoDetailer has all the powerful features anyone needs to make a positive professional impression. The only thing it lacks is the clutter and the cumbersome interface of some editing programs. This application's sleek, inviting feel makes creating your videos more streamlined and easier.

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