The Recording Process

The general process for recording with Record Your Screen will be the same no matter which options you choose.

Figure 1: The Record tool screen.
Figure 2: The Record screen while recording.
Figure 3: The Finished screen.
  1. Initiate the recording by clicking the Record Your Screen button [ ].
    The Record screen appears on your monitor display to the lower right.

    Figure 4: Initiate the recording
  2. Select the options you want from the Record tool screens (as seen in Figure 1).
    These options include the following:

    • Toggle the options you want on or off
      Desktop, Webcam, Microphone, Computer Audio, Minimize on Record and Display Countdown

    • Choose the preferences for the options being recorded by clicking the [ ] button to the right of the option(s).
      NOTE: to close any of the preference pop-ups, click the [ ] button again.

  3. Click the [Record] button to begin the recording.
    The Record screen will change to show the elapsed time of the recording, Pause button [ ], and [Stop] button (see Figure 2).

  4. Stop the recording.
    To do this click [Stop] or press [CTRL + F1] to end the recording.
    The Finished screen will appear (See Figure 3).

  5. Choose an option from the Finished screen by clicking one of the three buttons. The descriptions for what each button does appears in Table 1.

    Table 1: Finish screen button descriptions.

    Button Name Description
    [Edit] Opens the clip in Video Detailer by inserting it into the timeline of the current movie. The Finished screen will close and the Record module will as well.
    [Show in Explorer] Stores the recording in a file and opens an Explorer window to shoe the file in its location ([My Media Path] > My Recordings > [auto-dated folder]). The Finished window will remain open.
    [Delete] Throws out the attempt without review. This will return the user to record mode.

    The recording session will only end if you click [Edit] or close the Record screen using the [ ] at the upper right of the screen.