Freehand annotation tool

The freehand tool is a more casual way to annotate your videos, somewhat like Sketches but with absolutely no pre-defined shapes.

Figure 1: The Freehand control buttons and drawing cursor.
  1. Click the Freehand button icon [ ] on the top menu bar. This will change the cursor to the drawing tool and add [End Drawing] and [Discard] buttons just below the Freehand tool icon (see Figure 1).

  2. Click-and-drag the cursor to draw a line. Releasing the cursor will temporarily stop drawing.

  3. [ Option ] Continue to draw new lines.

  4. End the drawing using one of the following options:

    • To stop drawing, click the [End Drawing] button. This will insert the freehand object in the timeline at the position of the timeline indicator placed in step 1.

    • To discard the drawing, click the [Discard] button. The drawing you made will be removed without adding it to the timeline.
      NOTE: Discarding cannot be undone.

The entire object will be controlled with the same options used for Sketches (please see the object control panel for Sketches in the Sketches section).